[free training video] Music learning for Smart People

Revealing methods and approach that i use to learn and teach music. Watch the video to get started on the path.

Why keep Hitting when you can make you Guitar Sing? You can… it is just a matter of knowing techniques, methods and mindset that will lead you down an effective path.

Free Tips You Need to Master Music

Sign Up now and get free updates, articles, tutorials to help you be a better Musician. We'll be focusing on How to play Indian Raga and Film songs with exceptional detail, Chords for Ragas and Songs, + the logic, method, information needed for you to find them on your own.

Not sure if you saw these videos: ARRahman song as chord melody, another ARRahman song Lead on Guitar with all the details as the singer, a video on chord pattern for your benefit, Michael Jackson’s Beat It raga version for fun and profit. Find them here

Who else wants to know the definitive methods to make YOU an independent chord finder and player WITHOUT having to depend on chord sheets from others, and instead start composing and arranging, finding chords for your own or your favorite songs, ALL BY YOURSELF: learn once, benefit for a LIFETIME.

Save yourself a lot of time, money,¬†effort and frustration…

p.s. Just a note. There has been a need for some kind of structure with Skype class admissions. So, starting this month, I may keep some dates till when I will be able to accept requests to join Skype classes.

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