The video shows a few harmonizing or arranging options for non major scale/natural minor scale kind of scales or ragas.

Here we have the Raga Mayamalavagowla (Double harmonic major, gypsy) or notes of Rag Bhairav as the example.

The scale has a b9 and a b6 note.

We look at finding diatonic, safe chords, using notes from within the scale, going through the modes to be thorough with the process.

Then we have the option to use major and minor chords or 7ths at the most. This is done by creatively adding a third note when needed, when we can match only two from the melody to any. The knowledge of chords as patterns will help one do this faster.

Below are a few clips from a pdf on Mayamalavagowla harmony.

The notes of the Raga when C is the Sa or root or pitch.

The interval names associated with the notes of the Mayamalavagowla raga (same for Raga Bhairav).

Using mode thinking to find chords of the Raga

This method can naturally be used for other ragas or scales too.

Similarly for the second mode of the Raga.

For example one sees that Dbm7, DbM7, Db7 and DbmM7 can all be used in C Mayamalavagowla harmony.

If you are interested and intrigued by finding exact chords¬†for Ragas, scales, songs, melodies, phrases etc…

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