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The below video is just an Overview of content and action plans that will lead you to chord freedom and independence,

  • being able to find chords on your own, for songs you like, without depending on chord sheets or others, instead to find and play chords based on your own taste and liking
  • being able to find chords you can use to play your guitar while you sing, or for accompanying others, regardless of what is being sung, with little or no preparation
  • being able to compose, improvise, arrange, because of your knowledge and ability connecting melody with chords using family of chords method and also exact chords for given melody
  • arranging of any sorts, playing Chord melody on the guitar etc…

Keep pen and paper handy, pause as needed… we are learning! 🙂

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Snehithane Chord Melody

Chiku Buku Unplugged, Jazz chords?

Don’t miss out on quality content that will help you become good with chords,

  • finding chords for songs on your own – your own songs or others’
  • being able to connect melody to chords so that you will sing correctly with the chords,
  • or you are able to accompany a singer or instrumentalist with ease and confidence
  • be one, by knowing how an arranger, chord maker or even a composer thinks using the melody-chord complete connection
  • finding chords on guitar, based on patterns, chord names, string – root connections withough wasting time, energy and money on rote memorization and scattered practice methods, to master chords on guitar, and using it in chord – song situations.

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