How long to play? Real learning in leads and chords (subs)

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How to Anthi Mazhai Guitar TABs Details | Ilayaraja’s Raga song on Guitar

Ilayaraja’s Raga song TABs and How to on Guitar. anthi mazhai guitar tabs (PDF)

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[free training video] Music learning for Smart People

Revealing methods and approach that i use to learn and teach music. Watch the video to get started on the path. Why keep Hitting when you can make you Guitar Sing? You can… it is just a matter of knowing

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Simple and complex chords for b9 b6 Ragas: Mayamalavagowla (Malahari)

The video shows a few harmonizing or arranging options for non major scale/natural minor scale kind of scales or ragas. Here we have the Raga Mayamalavagowla (Double harmonic major, gypsy) or notes of Rag Bhairav as the example. The scale

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Please email me again

Hello, If you have mailed me in the last few days from Studiomonastery, and haven’t got a reply, please email me your email id again. (Raghav, Dhanush) There has been some problem with the contact form at Studiomonastery and I

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Vellai Pookal Swaras Notes Slides | A R Rahman’s (Tamil) Carnatic Raga Song with Slides on Guitar

Vellai Pookal by A R Rahman, played on Guitar with slides, Hammer ons and Pull offs to make it sound similar to how it is sung. Second part of the article shows you the full lyrics with swaras slides. Here is the

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Raga Guitar Mastery Begins – Starting to connect notes using simple slides, Hammer ons, Pull offs

Beginnings – Simplest slide, Hammer on, Pull Off

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How to Indian Raga Jaijaiwanthi / Dwijaivanthi on Lead guitar – Oru neramenkilum – Malayalam song

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Ask for How to Videos that meet your needs

If you would like me to make a How-to video for a song you want to learn to play, please write to me. Please include a youtube link of the song. Your song can be Classical or Film/Album songs or

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Relative minors and diatonic chords for playing chords for a large number of songs

We talked about diatonic chords and their usefulness as safe chords. Here are a few more things about diatonic chords: how we can use relative minor and major relationships to easily remember the safe chords of a song, and a

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