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Interested in playing Indian Raga and Film Songs on the Guitar Fluently?

Want to be better at finding and playing chords, rhythm, chord melody… ?

Discover & Benefit from Optimized Practice Resources

Beginner OR been playing for sometime:

  • Beginning stages: musical talent not important. Instead… 
  • Best practices: fretboard angle, wrist, shoulders, effective pressure
  • Been playing for sometime? Underlying competencies: 
  • Connected playing vs 100 units of mediocrity
  • How to practice? the feedback loop
  • Rhythm chord continuity
  • How to find chords and rhythm
  • ear training –  playing like sung, finding notes
  • how to learn what is important for long term learning and playing?
  • How to learn ragas, indian style playing?
  • Which scale patterns are important – problems with syllabus
  • & more…

Detailed Videos, Member only content...


Indian guitar, chords and rhythm, best practice...

Learn using optimized methods for faster, deeper, surer progress.
Learn using proven practice planning strategies and techniques.

For the fraction of the price of a guitar:

  • Regular group calls with Shyam: Q & A, your specific doubts cleared, specific techniques shown to you
  • Members only Whatsapp group: post your practice videos and doubts ANY time to get direct corrections and guidance with Shyam
  • GROUP ONLY lessons: specialized insider content – not available anywhere else – posted within the group – exercises, effective practice tips, specialized finger – phrasing – strumming – chord knowledge
  • Group only Discounts

Themes include: fundamentals, raga improvisation, chord melody, rhythm and chords… and more. 

Learn from specialist teachers

  • Learn optimized processes – assess your playing using best practices and technique checklists
  • Learn what matters to you – set a unique path from where you are to what you want to be
  • Teachers trained in  learning theory and student guidance for targeted progress – scorecards, frameworks, goal oriented syllabus
  • No information limit – you set the pace of learning, we will not limit you to preset learning speed or material
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