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Interested in playing Indian Raga and Film Songs on the Guitar Fluently?

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Want to be better at finding and playing chords, rhythm, chord melody… ?

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Start thinking in chords. Get this $7 resources (PDFs + videos) to gain chord clarity. Understand the simple and straighforward but rarely learnt or taught structured method to connect chord patterns directly to the fretboard, thereby reducing rote memorization to a minimum. Instead learn how you can build your own chords starting with just three patterns.

I’ll teach you to play Indian Raga and Film songs fluently, the way it is sung

Learn from a specialist, connecting you directly from whatever skills you have to your dearest guitar playing goals,without generic guitar syllabus pitfalls and attitudes, without ‘just in case’ unwanted syllabi, without having to put up with ‘made to fit all’ time and money wasters,but instead using the safest and fastest route that will bring you to fluent and efficient guitar playing, using methods and techniques that will make your playing sound as if the SONG is being SUNG.

My name is Shyam. I have been playing Raga/Indian song leads since i was 11 years old (1990). Been teaching this specific style with the aim of making students fluent and efficient in execution, to help them make their playing sound as if it is sung, in all its color and feeling.

I invite you to join me to learn music with me.

Since around the same age, I have been playing chords, resting on my chords and rhythm for peace and harmony all through my life, inquiring into the depths of harmony, and adapting it to work with ANY Indian Raga, Film Songs etc… connecting melody and chords directly.

So, if you are interested in making your chord abilities better,

I will teach you to master chord finding and playing, bringing you chord independence and freedom

without using rote memorizations and senseless pattern identification mistakes,

but instead using smart patterns and natural methods (natural to the guitar as an instrument), that will make sure you understand the deepest and straightforward principles of finding chords and playing them on the guitar, making you a master at chord accompaniment for yourself or others, master chord arranging and composition, all on your own without depending on external sources like chord sheets or teachers.

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For your sake…

Learn from problem solvers (me or others), not uninspired content providers. You are unique, your needs are unique, and no generic content syllabus is going to solve your unique problems; only a teacher who has a real grasp of the field and has the ability and experience to solve your unique problem as presented to him or her, can…

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