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Interested in playing Indian Raga and Film Songs on the Guitar Fluently?

Want to be better at finding and playing chords, rhythm, chord melody… ?

This is a collection of technique videos + playing/music/method resources sent to your email.

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The Indian guitar mastery process Free resource

This is how my students and I organize, learn and practice Indian music on Guitar

Now you can use these methods too, to reach your Indian style guitar playing goals faster and surer

This is how to play Rhythm/Chords while singing

Playing Rhythm & Chords while singing needs practice in different skills

The Free resource will show you the step by step practice details

My students choose to learn with me:

  • for my insights that save them months or years of resultless effort
  • for the methods and techniques that take them beyond somehow repetitive playing towards freedom and independence in music learning and playing.
  • to understand the underlying patterns, logic and connections of music
  • to help them with their creative process and music publishing

I’m not just a content provider. I solve your music learning and playing problems, through attention to micro details, analysis of your playing problems and focusing your deliberate practice on the not obvious factors that bring real and permanent playing progress.

It is NOT your fault:

  • if you tried playing Indian raga or film songs the way it is sung, but can’t get the fluency.
  • if you are not able to change between chords better and are stuck with progress
  • if you are not able to go beyond looking at tabs and playing
  • if you are not able to find chords on your own, but have to depend on others’ chord ideas
  • if you don’t know how to approach Indian style playing on the guitar in a detailed way
  • if you can’t go beyond basics rhythm, or can’t do fingerstyle and chord melody in a way that satisfies you.

I have been playing and teaching for a very long time now, that I have seen enough cases to understand the underlying reasons.

For example, I get videos from students of ragacourses asking for corrections. They have often tried other teachers, who just tell them that their playing is not sounding good enough, and that they should practice more.

When I get a Indian raga or film song video for correction, I look for: note corrections, ability to play slide and other techniques, if the student knows when to slide and when to hit, understanding of scale and other concepts, joining together at a word level using fingering logic and best practices… so on… keeping it all together with the student’s sense of feedback, playing towards how the song really sounds.

What should the student practice? And how? It is not enough to say the car has a problem with the fuel system or the electrical system – the person responsible should be able to pin point the exact problem areas and give effective corrections and solutions. Solutions that can actually be executed to bring results.

Well, that is a lot of work from the teacher’s side. You need a teacher who is really invested in your progress, who is on your side.

That is why students choose me – they get the results on the effort, time and money they put into learning music / guitar.

If you have seen my free youtube tutorials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I want you to really learn and progress.

My name is Shyam. 

  • I have been playing Raga/Indian song leads since i was 11 years old (1990).
  • I have a BTech from the IIT Madras.
  • I have used my analytical and academic ability with my music experience since childhood to bring you learning tools that bring core skill growth and progress.

I invite you to join me to learn music with me.

Students make sure and consistent progress using these techniques and methods…

Now you can too… starting at a fraction of the price of your guitar

How can you benefit from me?

– I’ll help you with chord arrangement / composition / accompaniment. (PRO – done for you)

– I’ll teach you to play Indian Raga and Film songs fluently, the way it is sung.

– I’ll teach you to decipher chords and to find chords on your own for ANY raga or song.

– I’ll help you master rhythm playing (+ chord melody & finger picking), playing by ear and the related arts that make your playing come to life.

Why and How I can help you

Learn what matters (Beyond Generic Online Tutorials )

There are 100s of 1000s of music tutorials out there.

How many of them teach you the real How-to that will solve your musical or playing problems and help you reach your goals?

I show you the underlying patterns and obvious connections within music so that with time you can grow to be independent with your music learning and playing.

For example, instead of teaching you the major scale, I show you the only 4 patterns that you need to learn to play ANY major scale AND… then show you how you can change to play ANY scale ANYWHERE on the guitar.

I respect my students’ intelligence. I know you are smart and that you can learn what really matters and not just remember and repeat.

Reach your goals (The real How – to Problem solving)

Many believe that showing you What to do is teaching.

In our work, that is just the very very beginning. When you try to play what you want to play, I will help you shorten the gap between where you are to where you need to be – your musical goals.

It takes analysis and thinking, which takes awareness, effort, experience, observation powers, analytical and problem solving ability from the teacher’s part.

The teacher needs to articulate the problem, go to micro details to change what matters – and not just tell you to somehow practice and it will get better.

For example, fluency problem cannot be solved without fingering logic, fretboard note arrangement, the right phrasing Mindset, left and right hand best practices, purposeful practice points.

I will teach you to master chord finding and playing, bringing you chord independence and freedom

without using rote memorizations and senseless pattern identification mistakes,

but instead using smart patterns and natural methods (natural to the guitar as an instrument), that will make sure you understand the deepest and straightforward principles of finding chords and playing them on the guitar, making you a master at chord accompaniment for yourself or others, master chord arranging and composition, all on your own without depending on external sources like chord sheets or teachers.

Get the How to play chords for ANY Raga or Song Guide and Resource

For your sake…

Learn from problem solvers (me or others), not uninspired content providers. You are unique, your needs are unique, and no generic content syllabus is going to solve your unique problems; only a teacher who has a real grasp of the field and has the ability and experience to solve your unique problem as presented to him or her, can…

Get CHORDS FREE TRAINING resources to make you a chord master, with Chord Independence and Freedom.

Get RAGA or FILM SONGS Free Training Videos