To your Musical  Independence

Interested in playing Indian Raga and Film Songs on the Guitar Fluently?

Want to be better at finding and playing chords, rhythm, chord melody… ?

This is a collection of technique videos + playing/music/method resources sent to your email.

OR… If you are ready to get to the next level, to make consistent and lasting progress…

Hello, my name is Shyam. I will help you learn to play Indian music on the guitar fluently and efficiently, DETAILED LIKE IT IS SUNG. I can also help you with rhythm, chords, fingerstyle and chord melody like you have seen in some of my videos.
I have a BTech from the IIT Madras. Prepared for the exam from a small town in southern Kerala, using old question papers and guides, got an AIR of 716 in JEE 1998. So, I do know a bit about preparing, practising, getting outcomes 🙂
I started playing guitar as I was 11 years old (Indian style + chords and scales etc). Been teaching for the past 15 years or so (actually more…).
You could start with the free resources from this link. If you would benefit from corrections and guidance, interacting with me, see options at