Learning chords for Ragas through Chords for Geetams

//Learning chords for Ragas through Chords for Geetams

Learning chords for Ragas through Chords for Geetams

Geetams are among the first compositions we learn as Carnatic Classical students. Malahari, Suddha Saveri, Kalyani and Mohanam are introduced among other ragas, at the geetam stage.

Since it is something most of us learn in the beginning, it makes sense to start with the Geethams when learning to connect Indian classical with Western harmony.

Introduction to Mayamalavagowla, Comparison with Western Scale

Introduction to playing simple major and minor chords for Mayamalavagowla and Malahari Geetams

Lambodara Geetam with Pitch change drop down (a simple java script gives us freedom over the 12 keys. Thanks to Prasanth: apps at Ragalicious)

The complete Geetam Chord Resource: Includes Chord sheets with a drop down key selector to choose your pitch

The Geetams can be broadly divided to Mayamalavagowla based and Major scale (Shankarabharanam) based. Understand why a particular set of chords are used for the melody, and you can use similar or same principles to find chords for any raga, melody, phrase or song

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