Here is a pdf of 6 basic chords on the guitar.

The chords have open strings as part of the chord. These chords are based on the C major scale. You will find that these 6 chords are enough to play along with a large number of songs.

Also, these 5 chords serve as the basis for you to build more chords from. Memorize and practice these 6 chords and most of the remaining chords can be learnt with reference to these, without the need for rote memorization.

Search for chords for your favorite songs online, and chances are that you will find these 6 chords repeated in most of those songs.

The 6 basic chords

  c-major-without-5 c-major-with-5 a-minor-chord d-minor-chorde-minor-chordg-major-chord-with-5 g-major-chord f-major-chord-full-barre