Guitar Fretboard maps of Raaga Kharaharapriya

To the right is C Dorian scale played starting from the 5th fret of the 3rd string.

The next image shows the same C Dorian scale in terms of South Indian Carnatic classical notation or Sa Ri Ga Ma. C Dorian shares the same notes as the Raga Kharaharapriya, 22nd in the Melakarta system of Indian Ragas.

C Dorian / Kharaharapriya wider left

Below is the C Dorian scale in western notes and then in South Indian Classical notation.

Don't look for diagramns!

Use the Indian Raga on Guitar Fretboard mapping app instead…

you can drag and drop the root note to any fret / string of your choice.

How to find raga swaras on the guitar using the app

  1. Suppose you want to play a geetam in malahari. Malahari is a janya raga of Mayamalavagowla. OR you just want to map mayamalavagowla on the guitar, with different fingerings possible.
  2. Look for Mayamalavagowla in the Melakarta list of the app.
  3. Which root to do you want to start from?
  4. Which string should have the root?
  5. Drag and drop the Red Sa button to the root and fret of your choice
  6. Try the three fingering patterns.
  7. to show the swaras, click on the Swaras button, to show the notes, click on the Notes button.

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Yet another pattern  

Here is one more fingering of same Kharaharapriya from the C root for you.