Would you like to play Geetams, Varnams and Kritis on the guitar? Get the swaras from your textbook or the internet and the Raga app has made life very easy for you.

The new version of the Raga on guitar fretboard mapping app shows you where each swara of the raga is. you get to choose the pitch / root, the string to have the root on and 3 fingering patterns as before.

you can drag and drop the root note to any fret / string of your choice.

How to play swaras on the guitar using the app

  1. Decide what you want to play
  2. Find the swaras
  3. See the raga. For example, geetam in malahari. Malahari is a janya raga of Mayamalavagowla.
  4. Look for Mayamalavagowla in the Melakarta list
  5. Which root to do you want to start from?
  6. Which string should have the root?
  7. Drag and drop the Red Sa button to the root and fret of your choice
  8. Try the three fingering patterns.
  9. to show the swaras, click on the Swaras button, to show the notes, click on the Notes button.

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The new version is not entirely public. The link to the new version will be sent to the email you enter below. (or you can subscribe using the box on the right sidebar and get the app along with the subscriber only bonus access area.)

New version
Updated to show Sa Ri Ga Ma … Now play any melody on the guitar fretboard, looking at the Swaras. The link to the app will be sent to the email you enter below.

List of Carnatic Compositions

Shivkumar's site gives you a huge list of swaras to start with. Have fun. Write to me, if anything.