Partha Muthal Naale (Banam Vesade) song by Harris Jayaraj, starring Kamalahaasan, played as SOLO and also as UNPLUGGED vocal guitar rhythm chord improvisation.

Chord melody | Fingerstyle | Partha Muthal Harris Jayaraj (Raghavan / Vettayadu)

Partha Muthal Naale Unplugged with Jazzy Chords and Singing

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Paartha Muthal Naale as Lead or Solo on Guitar

The below video has three parts.
Beginning with the FULL fledged slide version of the song, along with TABS running on top for you to practice the moves while watching the guitar and using the TABS both.
The second part at 2:22 explains the idea of using the TABS to begin with and then, also to watch the variations I may have played on the guitar. This way you will force yourself to do trial and error, thus making your ear better.
The final part at 5:00 gives you the NO SLIDE version of the song for scale practice.

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[PDF Download] Partha muthal naale no slides version tabs
[PDF Download] Partha mudhal nale WITH SLIDES version tabs