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How to En veetu thottathil Rhythm & Chord, TABs on Guitar

Mridangam rhythm on guitar, Vocals imitated with slide technique

En veetu thotathil Guitar RHYTHM

Unique off beats mridangam rhythm adapted for the guitar+  singing can create a fascinating fusion. Try this A R Rahman song rhythm on guitar.

How to Enveetu Thottathil song Rhythm on Guitar

The tutorial explaining rhythmic choices and technique

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 Adapt  Mridangam rhythm to guitar

Adapting a unique rhythm played on the mridangam for the guitar while incorporating off beats and singing can create a fascinating fusion. Here’s a guide on how you might approach this adaptation:

  1. Rhythm and Percussion:
    • Identify the distinctive rhythm pattern played on the mridangam.
    • Break it down into its fundamental components, including the main beats and off beats.
  2. Guitar Adaptation:
    • Translate the rhythm onto the guitar, assigning appropriate strumming patterns or fingerpicking techniques to mimic the percussive elements.
    • Find suitable chords to match the melody
    • Experiment with different chord voicings and connections to capture the essence of the original rhythm while matching the singing.
  3. Off Beats and Syncopation:
    • Emphasize off beats by incorporating syncopated strumming or picking patterns. This adds a dynamic and rhythmic complexity to the adaptation.
  4. Vocal Matching:
    • Integrate singing into the adaptation, paying attention to the original melody and connecting the rhythmic elements into your vocal delivery.
  5. Arrangement Dynamics:
    • Build dynamics into the arrangement. Explore variations in intensity, volume, and instrumentation to create a compelling musical journey.
    • While trying to play the rhythm and chords to match the song, remember the original song, emphasize by changing dynamics.
  6. Reinterpretation:
    • Feel free to reinterpret certain elements of the original rhythm to suit the guitar and vocal arrangement. Adaptation allows for creative expression and personalization.
    • The show should go on – if some parts are too difficult, smoothening it out for the first round.
  7. Performance Expression:
    • Pay attention to the expressive aspects of the performance. Use dynamics, articulation, and nuances to convey the emotion embedded in the original rhythm.

Remember, this process involves experimentation and creativity. Feel free to explore different possibilities until you find a unique and satisfying adaptation that captures the spirit of the original A R Rahman song played on the mridangam.

En veetu thotathil DETAILED guitar tabs

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