The song Kandukondein composed by arrahman.  (The very first section for now. More to be added in time)

The melody with each move has been written as swaras below to be used by singers and instrumentalists other than guitarists too.

Swaras: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S

See this link to learn to connect swaras to notes. Since swaras can be used to play any pitch by appropriately assigning a note value to the Sa, you can use the swaras to play or sing the song in any of the 12 pitches as you wish.

The moves, gamakas have been written as swaras.

For example: pSnS means a hit on p and the remaining notes are part of the gamaka, played using slides, hammer ons and pull offs.

If it is written as p S n S, you need to hit each of the four notes.