Alaipayuthe Kanna (Raga Kaanada) Indan Raga song How to videos (on Guitar) along with the tabs, western notation, swaras and lyrics that can be used on any instrument or by singers. (Thanks to Sashi. E for taking the initiative to modify and use Lilypond to make the final layout.)

Below is the Indian Carnatic Raga song played from start to finish in one go, on a steel string acoustic guitar (done a few years back). Below this video is a playlist with 4 videos that show you in detail how to play the song with all the slides and moves that make it Indian Classical Raga.
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Learn the steps. Beyond just see and repeat, understand the underlying mechanics. How to connect guitar to carnatic through scale ➜ raga connection, notes ➜ fluent swaras using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. Learn when to slide, where to strike and other basics you will use with other songs too and help you learn other songs with understanding.

Learn Carnatic on Guitar

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See here for the explanation on western notation with gamakas.

Alaipayuthe Kanna Carnatic Indian Raga Song Tabs and Western Notation

 Right click and open the image on a new tab to view it in its real size, download or print. I have kept the ratio correct for A4 printing.