Given a problem, one solves it.

When I see you play, I don’t remember your name or who you are.

I do see how the playing matches with your final goal,

what is missing in the picture.

and how I can help you tackle the problem and find the immediate next step that will bring you closer to your goal.

The person with the problem is given the next step to progress towards their ideal situation.

Why would ANY good teacher want to judge a person? How is it even the job of a paid teacher to leave all therelevant problem solving parts of the situation and take something pretty and unimportant like doing the unsolicited job of judging the talent?

What does talent mean? if the student will go and be skilled by a particular Standard? As far as I Know, no good teacher is arrogant to do something like that.

Think about a doctor in an emergency room doing whatever she can vs standing there and gossipping on the life chances of the person on the table.

Not at all the job.

So, the real teacher sees the problem.

problems have shpaes and forms.

the teacher has elaborate and deep knowledge systems and patterns within, that will help him or her to match with the goal you need, where you are and nudge you towards the goal in the right manner, with the immediate next step, doable by you at your skill level.

Well, in my map, I try to find your position and take you to the next step, towards your goal.

For a moment, it’s just mind and mind, I am not there, you are a not there…

it is pattern identification and matching and then… the art of casting spells 🙂