“I have been teaching online for a few years now. I have also been successfully using online video based courses to reach and help more students, while building a stable income system… And now… others have been asking me to help them build…” I told the host. We were having dinner at his place this March evening.

“Ha ha… of course you would have said NO… right? I mean why would you help the competition?”

Then I realized we need to explain him about how we can help almost anyone without seeing them as our competition.

That someone just wants my help to grow THEIR particular business and income (and life) and that they are NOT trying to be me! And why being each of us is already an USP.

The niche toe advantage

Niche down and you can ask for partnerships. Since you aren’t everything, you will be somehting that will fit in and complement others’ businesses and income.

Same here… I am extremely niched + I am ME (see next section). I love building systems. I love seeing you have growth and success.
Why does someone garden for fun? Why do people do things even if they don’t want the money?

IN our discussions we will be looking for your niche, unique intersections of your life…

The ME Usp

Then let us take the extreme and maximum example of someone who plays  the exact same music and teaches the exact same topic, plays exactly as good as me, teaches as good or better than me.

Why would I help him?

This is not a rare situation. The very famous actors are all equally in business. Why don’t they get eliminated and instead just one stays? Many reasons – you know you can list them if you wanted to.

Let us say there are regional walls, specialists etc…

But more than any of these… there is the ‘ME’. The being me with all my particular combinations.

Some will hate me in the first 3 seconds. They need someone else to teach the same topic, though.

Some will love me… and they will want me regardless of the better playing more famous teacher – also, think about how some of them are not approachable.

My uniqueness is an intersection of many different things. My tech background attracts like minded clients. My interests and nature make some of them stay with me (I’m sticky – I have very long term clients and students).

So, it doesn’t matter if someone else is doing the topic. Who are you and how do you do it? Show it and the right kind of people will want you.

Similarly, it doesn’t matter that the client has the same expertise – my uniqueness stays.

In fact, I would look for all kinds of collaborations and parternships if I were to really find someone who could do the teaching and work as good or better than me.¬† Doctors, dentists, so many do that… don’t they.

Now, like I said, it is a theoretical situation. I am yet to find someone who will teach as good as me, the topic which I handle well + demonstrate it by playing in as much detail as I do… Everyone has their own uniqueness.

WE won’t step on each other’s toes even if we are in the exact same business, especially because we are dealing with audience beyond geography.