Raga Guitar Lessons need to acknowledge both the raga side of music and western instrument’s layout and playing methods.

Starting with the basic raga guitar playing methods, one needs to improve their skill and advance their playing to combine the basic methods to form units of next level playing.

Combining the phrases of raga guitar playing, by reducing delay between the phrases, one starts to move towards more and more fluency and efficiency.

The way to get to raga guitar (carnatic guitar or hindustani guitar) fluency involves strategizing phrases, acknowledging the tuning logic of the standard tuned guitar and plan your playing for best performance even when playing on stage or recording etc.

The needed theory

The other side of playing is to start understanding the connection between the notes your playing as you play raga on guitar.

First level is playing notes, but soon you need to start understanding how these notes belong together as a scale and how scales are converted to ragas using slides and connections in between.

So beyond the playing skill improvement, raga guitar lessons need to acknowledge the understanding part of the student so that they move from the basic levels of knowledge to higher stages like analysis and improvisation and even composition.

In order for us to advance with raga guitar playing, combine the needed theory as you improve your playing skills using the raga guitar songs that you would love to play.

A good raga guitar teacher should be able to arrange a syllabus specifically for you based no your skill and needs. Any teacher who has understood the material and is at stages of adaptation or origination can easily use the songs of your choice to chunk down the material, introduce theory and extra exercises to make a motivating and satisfying curriculum just for you, leading you directly to be able to play what you wanted to play and got you interested in guitar to begin with.