The popular A R Rahman song from the movie I can be played or sung the way it is sung in the original using slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs correctly.

The original song is in the C pitch. We will play the song in the same pitch. In case you want to play it at a lower pitch later (for example, to avoid going to the 17th fret on the 1st string or just because you sing or want to play at a lower pitch), you can just use the swaras, find out the swara positions for your pitch and play it simply by looking at the swara chart.

Or you can just transpose the frets being used. In C pitch, if we play a slide from the 10th fret to the 12th fret, to play it in the A pitch (which is -3 from C: A A# B C; C = 8th fret 1st string, A = 5th fret 1st string), the same part of the song will become a slide from the 7th fret to the 9th fret. The song as a whole will sound the same as long as the relative distances between the notes are kept the same.

We start with a video to show you how to play the intro piano part convincingly on the guitar, using finger picking and right choice of strings, instead of strumming.

See the tab/staff notation below to see the frets/strings used for the chord playing.

ennodu finger pick tux guitar image

Then we go on to start playing the vocals on the guitar. As you know, you can use the notes, the moves to play on any instrument or to sing correctly including all the moves.

The swaras, notes, fret strings for the whole song will be posted here as we finish the song… For now, please use the video.

More videos to come, explaining the remaining part.