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The Varanam Aayiram movie song Nenjukkul Peythidum is a good song to start playing immediately after you are familiar with the C major scale on the bottom 3 strings (see the first link on that page). Please use the form below to subscribe and get the tab file (image) + future updates and other useful stuff related to playing Indian Raga and Film song on Guitar. Great teachers agree that “Right practice makes perfect”. The how to play and what to play can be connected in almost anything you play, that the simplest of lullabies when played right will teach you the right ‘How to’ of playing guitar well for ever. Below is a video that explains the complete song played as lead on a guitar (I have played in on Acoustic nylon string. You may play it using the same moves on a steel string or electric guitar). Swaras have been given for each move. See this video for a non slide Beginner open string version of Nenjukkul Peythidum Rhythm playing for the song explained in these videos The song is in the major scale. For ease, we will play the song in the C major scale, using C as the Sa, the root note. This way you will be able to use your knowledge of the C major scale notes to play a real song. This will help you connect your understanding of scales deeper with the practical application of it. Building blocks -> arranged as needed -> song constructed.
  1. learn and remember the fret/string positions for the C major scale. Remember the frets for notes of the C major scale on the 1st 2nd and 3rd strings. 1st is the bottom-most thinnest string.
  2. use these fret/string positions only to play the song, consciously making sure and realizing that we are using only those notes on the three strings.

TABs Detailed Nenjukkul Peithidum

Pallavi Charanam

(Beginners) C major scale to playing songs in the C major scale open position

To start with, if you are a beginner, the process can be made even simpler. Just play on the first few frets of the guitar using the C major scale open position (more about the positions, notes, strings, using the C major scale etc).
  1. Remember the C major scale in the basic position.
  2. Use the notes of the song to play only in that position.
  3. Later as you get better with finding the notes, connect the notes with slides etc.
nenjukkul peythidum simple  beginner guitar tabs Use the following string/fret positions to play the song based on the notes. Let me know if you need more explanation on the topic (please use the contact form). s = 2nd string 1st fret r = 2nd string 3rd fret g = 1st string open p = 0pen 3rd string. except for O shanthi part, where p = 1st string 3rd fret d = 3rd string 2nd fret n = 2nd string open nenjukkuL peythidum mamazhai neerukkuL moozhkidum thamarai s s r r r s r g s d d s s s r n d p sattendru maruthu vaanilai penne un mel pizhai p p n n n s d s r n n s r g r nillamal veesidum peralai nenjukkuL neenthidum tharagai s s r r r s r g s d d s s s r n d p ponvannam soodiya karighai penne nee kanchanai p p n n n s d n sr n n s d p r o shanthi shanthi o shanthi en uyirai uyirai nee yendhi rg m pm g s r p p rg mm pm gg s sr g r yen sendrai sendrai enai thandi ini neethan endhan andhadhi rg m pm g s rr dp p rg m pm g s sr g r (nenjukkuL) stanza 1: yedho ondru ennai eerkka mookkin nuni marmam serkka s s n s d s n d p s s n s d s n d p kaLLaTHanam yedhum illa punnagaiyo bogan villa s s n sn s d s n d p s s n s d s d p nee nindra idamendral vilai yeri pogatho sr g r gg g g r g p g r r r nee sellum vazhiyellam panikkatti aagatho sr g r g g g g r g p g rr r ennodu va veedu varaikkum r r s rsrs d s r s s en veettai par ennai pidikkum r r s rsr sd s r s s (notes similar to o shanthi…) ivaL yaro yaro theriyadhe ivaL pinnal nenje pogadhe iru poiyo meiyo theriyathe ivaL pinnal nenje pogadhe

Finding the Chords of Nenjukkul Peythidum using Scale Chord Understanding

Nenjukkul – Rhythm Chord and Strumming – Intro Major & add 2

Nenjukkul Peythidum Intro Chord/Rhythm strumming pattern detailed, slow, tabs for C and A pitch

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