It started with a video how and how not to practise scales, comparing it to the 50 first dates movie. Why are scales important anyway?

Then came one example of how to convert the only 3 patterns needed, to find the natural minor scale.

Now, in the below video, we have made the process complete by extending it to show clearly how any scale, any pitch, anywhere on the guitar can be played by just knowing the 3 major scale patterns (yes, just 3 to remember, which are in fact just one pattern with minor shifts), changed as needed. How to change it is just a matter of counting and using rules of scales available freely on the internet.

Starting with the Major scale, moving through

  1. the Major scale modes:
    1. Raga Kharaharapriya/ Dorian
    2. Raga Hanumathodi/ Phrygian
    3. Kalyani/Lydian
    4. Raga Harikamboji/ Mixolydian
  2. the minor scales:
    1. Harmonic (Raga Keeravani)
    2. Melodic (Gaurimanohari) and
    3. Natural (Natabhairavi) minor scales
  3. to b9 scales of
    1. Mayamalavagowla (Double harmonic major)
    2. Kamavardhani
    3. Chakravakam …

All you need to do is, be willing to pause as needed and try with me what is being done in the video. Through the example workouts, the process is learnt and then it is just a matter of repeating it again and again according to your need.

Since the age old PJ that one can’t learn Swimming through a distance learning course, is true, let us watch, copy,¬†practise and learn.