Benefit from effective Indian style and chord - rhythm Guidance from Shyam

“How do I learn to find chords?”

“It just comes to me” answers the player

And the student believes it: some people have the natural ability to find chords just like that. But, not me.


“You are just lucky when you sing correctly.” My school vocal teacher told me.
Luckily I had the guitar. Not every body does. SMGMRGSR … I played on the guitar and practiced singing using the guitar as a feedback.
Yes, I’m not gifted like some others she preferred. But I had the necessity to sing in order to make sense of my music.
Most aspiring singers who can’t immediately reproduce the notes are discouraged and quit. Because the so called teacher told so.

We believe being able to play is an event and not a process. Not true.

The student believes that being not able to play something immediately indicates a lack of talent. Not true. Whether it be playing Lead or chord or rhythm or being able to find chords, there are processes behind it. Clears steps a student can follow one after the other.

Masters also have followed these steps. It is just that we see the final product and judge our first notes based on that.


“I am not talented enough for music or guitar” decides the student during the first month of guitar playing.

The student takes it as an innate difference and not a lack of steps and time. The truth is:
1. It takes some time and it is better to have some kind of clear correction and positive feedback, always and especially during the first months of learning anything.
2. Most often the problem is that the student is asked to play and practice something they don’t hear in their mind and have no affinity towards.

Learning systems that provide just notes and teachers who just makes a student repeat notes, it’s not really relevant today in the land of internet. A look and repeat teacher reduces themselves to a Google search.

Learn guitar or music by practicing towards what you you really want to play, music that you really familiar with.

Is it is like being given answers to questions you don’t have.
Like told to imitate the language you haven’t heard.
Like having a one-sided conversation with the person you can’t see or hear.

If it is Indian songs that you are familiar with,

  1. Have basic familiarity of the instrument by practicing what will finally help you play this kind of music. By connecting with the fretboard to enable you to play this kind of music.
  2. Learn the basic techniques needed to play Indian music fluently and efficiently as it is sung.
  3. Instead of playing versions that are mindlessly reduced to plain notes, get some resources that you give you reduced but meaningful versions of Indian music.
  4. Practice within the scope of your skill but play towards freedom in playing the kind of music you love and know well.
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