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Explanation for minor 7 flat five and minor 6th chords puzzle

m7b5 is the chord form minor 7th flat five : root – minor 3rd – flat five – minor 7th

minor 6th has the spelling : root – minor 3rd – fifth – major 6th

Take any note C, Gb, D# as the root, form the chord minor 7th flat five. Let us call the root note X, and the corresponding minor 7flat 5 chord as Xm7b5.

Now after you have the notes of X minor7th flat five, if you take one of the other notes of the m7b5 chord as root, and play all the notes as a chord, you will get a minor 6th chord.

Which is the note when taken as root gives you a minor 6th chord? What is the interval between X and the note that gives minor 6th chord when taken as root?


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Am7b5 be taken as example. The notes of the chord are : A Eb C G . Cminor6th chord has the notes : C Eb G A. So Am7b5 and Cm6 have the same notes. A and C are minor 3rd apart (the interval)

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  1. Take any root, find the notes of the m7b5 chord with that note as root. Find what chord is formed when you start with each of the other notes of the m7b5 chord. With one of the notes you will find that the chord formed is a minor 6th.
  2. Start with any root and find the notes of the m7b5 chord. Minor 6th chord has a minor 3rd interval between the root and the next note. Try to find out which two notes in the m7b5 chord are a minor third apart.