“Indian Music Teacher for my Child” you search…

the teachers you find… do they do anything extra to be children’s teacher or are they just saying I teach everyone, including children? ‘I am generic… anything is ok as long as I get my fees?’

We will consider the following:

1. A study of virtuosos showed that their first teacher was often a local average teacher. Not a specialized expert

2. Carol Dweck’s studies showed the big difference in results between children who were told ‘you are smart’ vs ‘you worked well’. Guess which one has extra ordinary positive effects

3. I remember Tao the child prodigy’s take on hot field vs letting interest the best way to guide children to happy lives.

Combine this with the reality that most teachers think of piling stuff into the student vs igniting a fire and keeping it alive (I can’t remember whose words those were, making the difference between content stuffing and the micro actions that ignite the fire and lead to deliberate or deep practice)

Often the better teacher seems to look for the positive percentage advance possible.

Praise as needed but not more. instead directly shows the next mistake to tackle, helps solve that problem. inspires confidence, holds hand and sees through… without negative words, but strong enough to point out areas that need improvement.

the next step

clear and positive

with handholding while letting the student learn the pattern, not just that instance…

children often play with their instruments and seem to be able to start finding tunes on their own better than adults who think and strategize more and don’t want to attempt what seems to be a losing game…

when the right teacher inspires, and handholds in a positive manner, letting the future be found as it comes… one can be sure, we are finding the best teacher the child can have.

the human side, the teachers sense more than the perfect expert player.