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We have already gone through the idea of Family of Chords and how to use them.

Here will go beyond the basics, to find family of chords for ANY scale/raga. Most of Indian Film Songs are raga based, other songs in the world are scale based. Therefore, knowing this process will take your ability to the next level, if finding and playing chords is of interest to you.

Change a note from the major scale and you already have a different scale. That scale is the basis for a melakarta raga and its janyas. (More about changing scale patterns to get other scales and ragas, here.)

Therefore, this exericise, knowing how to find family of chords for more scale, any scale, will free you upto make your calculations and find chords that you can use to arrange or improvise while attempting any raga… Isn’t that freedom?

The other main method that remains is using melody notes of the phrase, dividing it into enough pieces, finding one chord each for that particular piece, without worrying about families. Slowly, i would say, that is the more exact and advanced method, while the family of chords method alwasy serves as a safety net. We need both.

More videos to come…

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