BELOW are the free resource videos. Will be sending more to the email you provided.

Along with that, assuming that you already know my playing and teaching methods,
click on one of the following links to see your options to make faster and surer progress towards playing the kind of music you want to:

Welcome to some of the FREE chord videos.
The first video will introduce you to scales, family of chords from scales, using it to make you good at finding chords for songs, being able to accompany others or yourself with chords, playing chord melody etc…
The process remains the same. You just get better the more you practice it. Start with the videos below. More to follow. (If you are subscribed, you will get the Chord Patterns, Naming Secrets for Independence video in the coming days. Thanks)

Family of Chords | The path begins

Download pdf on family of chords

(It is a part of the How to play chords for any Song, Raga, Scale Guide and Resource)

The very first overview video can be found here

Of course, share it with anyone whom you think will benefit from it. These are the foundations of any kind of chord application. Urge them to subscribe if they have continued interest. Thanks.

Major and Minor chord patterns

Multiple examples of How to Chords from Songs

Rhythms 4/4 6/8 etc… How do you find by yourself, which patternt to use?