Oru Raathri Koodi Chords, Rhythm (Guitar)

for Oru Raathri Koodi Chords, playing fluently from basics

You’re right: without corrections, the progress is slow or difficult.
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Just like with a teacher, to make sure you get corrections and improvements while you work, you have the option to send me practice videos for correction. Within the course you will see an area called assessment, after each relevant section, where you can show me your playing by sending me a quick video.

Step by step rhythm chord lessons:

  • starting with simple open chords
  • basic transition mechanics
  • downstrokes
  • connecting the rhythm with lyrics (for rhythm vocal sync)
  • moving to Up down stroke rhythm
  • barre chord options
  • rhythm with Monk style snare sound


  • To make sure you change in time without the chord sounding muted: My ‘secret’ method of moving the finger before the bar ends and the next one starts.
  • To make sure the chord aligns with the vocal: The exact position in the lyrics when you have to change the chord, instead of mechanically counting time
  • To make the chords interesting: Alternative chords as you master the basic and how to think and come up with other chord options
  • To adjust to different singing pitches: How to transpose the chords, tips on playing the alternative pitch chords.

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