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Marugelara – Chord melody harmony – Vocals

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The first video below shows Marugelara O Raghava being played on the acoustic guitar using slides, hammer on’s and pull offs.

Excuse me for the unintended rhythmic sound in the background – my persistent old chair insisted on doing his part as long as I chose to sit on him. Will be making a recorded version of the same Carnatic song on guitar, where I will try to go solo without the chair.

The below videos show you how to play the Carnatic song on guitar, explaining the moves.

How to play the slides?

Marugelara Chords – Why hide – heartfelt harmony

How to play the Carnatic moves on Guitar

Here are the videos to help you play the carnatic song Marugelara Oh raghava on the guitar (acoustic or electric):

Note: What you can play on the acoustic guitar, you can on the electric guitar – at least when it comes to the ease of playing slides, hammer ons, pull offs etc. So if you want to play carnatic on the electric guitar, go ahead and please try it with no hesitation. The same frets, strings, fingering and playing techniques used to play carnatic on acoustic guitar will apply for carnatic on electric guitar too…