Listen to this very short recordings of drums.

Drum recording 01

[audio:|titles=Drum Rec 01]

Drum recording 02

[audio:|titles=Drum Rec 02]

These drum recordings were made using the cheapest Shure PG series mics in the practice room of the drummer.

A few good bands in India once gave me chance to record their drums. We recorded with shure sm57, shure pg series mics, shure beta 52 kick mic and two battery powered condensers.

The results were good. I used my laptop and MOTU sound card for recording. A pair of AKG271 headphones were used for monitoring.

Here are a few articles based on the experience. What i learnt is now yours too.

  1. Basic drum recording equipment
  2. Selection of drum mics and cheapest drum microphone list
  3. Drum microphone positioning for a good drum sound (paid)
  4. Recording how to – to be published
  5. Mixing – to be published

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