How to mic a drum set – Drum mic positioning for Effective Drum Recording

Listen to this very short recordings of drums.

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Drum recording 01

[audio:|titles=Drum Rec 01]

Drum recording 02

[audio:|titles=Drum Rec 02]

These drum recordings were made using the cheapest Shure PG series mics in the practice room of the drummers.

Dissatisfied with your drum sound?

Drum sound not good enough even when you record in a studio

Drum recording needs understanding of specific mic placement principles, based on the drum elements. Recording the whole drum set with 9 or 10 mics at the same time involves skill which comes from studying the principles specific to drums, applying them and learning from experience. Drum set is not like any other instrument – an average recording engineer need not have the necessary know how and your recording suffers.

Drum sound when you are doing a live show Mic positioning makes a lot of difference when doing live shows too.

Other drum recording concerns

Time is money

Cliche, but true.

You have hired a studio to record and produce your drums. The clock is ticking and you don't want to spend too much money on studio time. You need to know exactly what will get you the best results, get the recording done without squandering time and money.

Freedom and creativity

You would like to record your drum experiments – bits and pieces – at leisure in your practice room. We can't afford to rent a studio all the time. Also you would like to record right when inspiration and creativity strikes and not let the muse fly away disappointed.

Self sufficient professional

You are doing recordings for others, as a drummer – would like to have your own set up and be able to make professional recordings.

We want to help you make the best drum recording you can with available resources. So we’ve released a comprehensive downloadable short e-book which will help you solve these problems for $9.99 (this is not a hard cover book – it is a PDF e-book) to teach you the secrets of stunning drum recording. Comprehensive, no fluff (11 pages of dense information). The details are listed conveniently in a way that you can apply them directly, helping the work flow, to get excellent results


Learn to record drums – follow the details

What is included in the book? Exact mic positioning to give you the best possible drum recording with the available equipments.

It's in the details, and this book is is all about details.

  • where to place the mic.
  • why place the snare mic near the rim.
  • where to point it to.
  • how to avoid hi hat leaking into snare track.
  • how to mic the kick drum with one mic.
  • what are the practical physical considerations when placing overheads.
  • this sort of details for each of the drum elements.

… and more.

Where needed, the theory behind the action is explained to help your understanding of the drum recording process and make you a better recording engineer.

Here is the table of contents. click to see larger image.

How does the book solve your drum recording concerns

  • You get control over the recording process.
  • You are given all the information needed to make high quality drum recordings sitting in the comfort and leisure of your practice room.
  • If you have your own recording set up, or rent when needed, this book gives you have the recording know how to make the creative notes
  • You can now make pro quality recordings sitting in your room. we did the above recordings with among the cheapest possible drum mics. The same information on how to place the mic and record your drums is given in detail in this book. This ensures that your recordings are among the best possible with available equipment and resources.
  • Recording in a studio? This book specifically teaches the mic positioning techniques that works for drum set recording.

    • Use them while placing the mic.
    • Share it with your recording engineer if you wish.
    • Even when you are making a recording in a studio, with the information given in this book, you can make sure you are getting a good product for the money and time you spend, without worrying about the drum recording expertise of your recording engineer.
  • Live shows You can use these principles to successfully mic the drum set during a live show and get an effective sound during your performance.

You save money by doing the recording yourself – giving yourself creative freedom while not worrying about the studio per hour charges. Once you have the setup, you don't pay for the recording engineer or the studio on a per hour basis.

You can practice for hours to play well, make excellent compositions with your drums. But if the recording is disappointing, your craft suffers. This book helps you take that part too into your hands and away from chance.

Become self sufficient at recording drums

I started recording drums professionally when Motherjane drummer John was dissatisfied with the drum recordings he made at a pro studio. Within a few days we started recording drums at his practice room, using a laptop, MOTU 828 mkII sound card and rented Shure pg series mics, beta 52 and two battery powered condensers.

"This is best drum sound we've achieved till date. The mikes used are shure PG s and beta 52s. Call it mind over matter. It's a great effort on the engineers part to make results like these." – John, drummer of  Motherjane about our first recording sessions in his practice room.

This book gives you the exact details of how we used among the cheapest drum mics to make pro quality recordings with minimal equipment in the drummers practice room, recording through ten mics at the same time. You can do it too.

Here is a sample page (click to see larger)


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If you have any doubts just mail me and probably i can help you with your specific situation or problem.


Mic selection logic and cheapest mic list is included as a pdf.

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This book is packed with high value information, details, and actionable steps – it sells for $9.99, an investment that will save you money many times over as saved studio hours – setting up, recording and redoing.

This book will give you peace of mind by guaranteeing you professional quality drum recordings each and every time, thereby helping your productivity and creativity.

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