Chinna chinna asai guitar tutorial

Chinna chinna asai TABs and western staff notation

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Chinna chinna asai swaras

Below are the swaras for chinna chinna asai song from the movie Roja. Below the video, find the notes/swaras.

In this article, the swaras for each line have been written so that:

  1. any two swaras without a space in between be played with one hit and the remaining as slur (slide/hammer-on/pull-off).
  2. Higher octave S, R, G are written in capital letters. Regular octave is srgmpdn. Lower octave is n’ d’ p’ etc written with swara and a ‘.


n’ is lower octave ni (3rd string 4th fret when C is the Sa, for this song/raga).

n’s is a hit on ni, slide to regular sa, no hit on sa (hit on 3rd string 4th fret, slide to 5th fret, no hit on 5th fret).

r g is one hit on regular octave ri and one hit on g (2nd string 3rd and 5th frets when C is the Sa).

gmgmr is one hit on regular octave g, slide gmgmr with no other hits.

s r2 g3 m1 p d n2 n3 = C D E F G A Bb B 


Learn with me?