Amma endrazhikatha With Complete Slides

Below is a how to video of the Kalyani Raga based Ilayaraja song. Below the video, the tabs and western notation are given. Also given is a swara sheet, where the slides etc has been written in terms of swaras.

Since western notation is given and the video explains the slides, you maybe able to use it for instruments other than guitar too.

See the swara sheet if you would like to use swaras on your instrument. Swara sheet has the added advantage of giving you option to play in any pitch you wish, by choosing a Sa of your choice.

The song is based on The Lydian scale (major scale with #4th instead of 4th) except at one place where the slide requires a perfect fourth, based on what is heard in the recording.

The lydian scale notes when connected correctly gives us the Kalyani raga, this song being a very good practise content for the Raga Kalyaani.

Tabs and western staff notation for Raga Kalyani Ilayaraja song

Right Click the image and open in new tab to see in full. For now, the first part, the pallavi is given. Will add the second half in time.


Swaras for Amma endrazhikatha (Raga Kalyaani)


A slightly easier version of Amma Endrazhikathu Slides

Some slides have been reduced when possible to provide an extra step if you are trying to learn slides.