Akale neelakaasham guitar: Raga Charukeshi swaras, notes, slides and moves (Singers, Instruments)

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Below are the swaras and an explanation video (moves using the guitar) for the song Akale akale neelakasham composed by Sri Baburajan for the movie Midumiduki.

Raga Charukeshi, that has the same notes as the 5th mode of the Melodic minor has been used. With note skips and interesting moves, the song is a good study.

The song has been transcribed including the slides and other moves, to be played on the guitar using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. Singers and other instrumentalists can also use the

Since the moves have been written as swaras, singers and other instrumentalists can also use them to learn the exact moves being used, so that you can practise it as it is in the original.

Raga Charukeshi: S R2 G3 M1 P D1 N2

Example notes: C D E F G Ab Bb

This swara note grid will help you with finding swaras starting from any pitch. Here is an android app for ragas that can help you find notes for almost all ragas on the guitar.

Here are the notes for C Charukeshi starting from the 3rd string, using minimal fret span.


Below image shows the Raga Charukeshi with C as the Sa, with a few more fret/string options.


How to Raga Charukeshi on guitar: Akale akale neelakasham Video

The below video shows the moves on the guitar using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. See the swara sheet below this video.

The swaras for the song Akale akale (Raga Charukeshi)


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