Want to play the guitar? Interested in Indian classical music? Combine the two for a satisfying learning method

It is always a good idea to keep the learning process closer to what we finally want to play. This way we know where we are going – filling up the blanks becomes easier (as agreed by Edward de Bono and the like). One stays motivated because the final result is something desirable from the start.

Starting with the basic C major scale, playing through Mohana Geethams, one understands the fretboard, while learning to play the slurs (hammer ons, pull offs and slides) that let us play Indian classical music on the guitar. 

Use the C major scale note positions to play swaras the Mohanam Geetam, the Kalyani Geetam and the Swarajati in Bilahari.

Here is a video of Varaveena, mohanam geetham played on the acoustic guitar (no edits or effects, direct to the camera mic)


The Geetams and Swarajathi are good exercises for the fretboard. Morover, they can be played with the knowledge of the C major scale position, which is a basic path to playing guitar. Then include slides, hammer ons and pull offs to bring in the Indian classical sound.

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