The raga Shivranjani scale to raga

  • starting from the major scale, to the pentatonic, to the particular minor pentatonic scale
  • Comparisons with the major scale, Raga Kharaharapriya, the major pentatonic (Mohanam scale), Raga Abhogi (one note different and the implications on gamakas and slides), the minor pentatonic scale.
  • understand scales, the scale raga connections better, learn how to connect and play them on the guitar.
  • beyond remembering and repeating, understand, compare, analyse, create…


Chords for Raga Shivranjani and Raga chords in general (includes Kurai Onrum Illai very first part played on the guitar as it is sung).

Tere mere beech mein – Raga shivaranjani film song TABs