Below is a how to video, guitar tabs and western staff notation (with all slides included within) for the swaras of Padumanabha paramapurusha, an Indian Carnatic Raga Malahari Geetham, one of the basic compositions used by students.

This malahari geetham is a bit different in structure and phrases from the other three (Lambodara/Sree gananaadha, Kereyaneeranu and Kundagowra).

The topic of Malahari geethams has enough content to be made about including: The structure of Geethams, the lyrics version of the song, the comparison between malahari geethams while noting the similarity and reusage of phrases. One may realize that through the repeated structures in the 4 compositions, the composers have let us known what could be the core characteristics of Raga Malahari.

Further, since Malahari is a Janya or derivative of Raga Mayamalavagowla (similar in notes to Raga Bhairav in Hindustani), understanding the scale pattern of Mayamalavagowla and how they are distributed on the practically playable fretboard for ones needs, is of interest.

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Learn with me?

Please open the image in a new tab to see the complete song tabs and notation. This version is when one sings the song as its swaras. The lyrics version is to be made, with slides connecting the swaras, avoiding hits where there are no consonants (to follow soon).