Kadhal rojave using open chords is useful for practice as a beginner.

Using this song you can practice open chords like D, G, Dm, A etc.

Also to make it easier for beginners to play chords for the song, the Gm chord has been played using open string and one finger barre. A good first step towards barre chord playing.

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Dm        A              Dm       A
Kaathal Rojaave Enge Nee Enge

D             G                       A
Kanneer Vazhiyuthadi Kanne

D                  A                D                A
Kannukkul Neethaan Kanneeril Neethaan

D                 A                D                 A
Kanmoodi Paarthaal Nenjukkul Neethaan

Dm                Gm                A     A
Ennaanatho ethaanatho Sol Sol.


Gm chord for beginners with open strings and one finger barre:

(e is the bottom thinnest string and E the thickest top string. Numbers are fret numbers. Either use the fingers noted near the strings or use a single finger barre – try the index)

e |—–3—-|  (little finger)

B |—–3—-|  (ring finger)

G |—–3—-|  (middle finger)

D |—–0—-|

A |———–|

E |———–|


Kaathal Roajaave Enge Nee Enge

Kanneer Vazhiyuthadi Kanne


D                         D                   D                            A
Thenral Ennai Theendinaal Selai Theendum Nyaabagam

D                          D                   D                         A
Chinna Pookkal Paarkkaiyil Degam Paartha Nyaabagam

D                  D              Am                       G
Velli Oadai Pesinaal Sonna Vaarthai Nyaabagam

D                            D              Am                     G
Megam Rendum Sergaiyil Mogam Konda Nyaabagam

D                      A             D                      A
Vaai Illaamal Poanaal Vaarthai Illai Kanne

D                      A            D                         A
Nee Illaamal Poanaal Vaazhkkai Illai Kanne

Dm                   Gm                   A     A
Mulloduthaan Muthangalaa Sol Sol..