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Warm up with and without guitar

Hand and finger use when playing the guitar


A general introduction to Slides, Hammer ons, Pull offs as used to play Indian music on Guitar


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Geethadhu song

Lyrics as text file

These videos are based on the popular version of the Tillana as from the movie Swati Tirunal: the video

Detailed Instruction


Pallavi Video (geethadhunikku thakadheem thatri kita thom nAchurahE gOri tA tattai tai tattai thirakatom)

Charanam 1

Tanu gave

Charanam 2

padumanAbha tumAri lIla kyA kahUm mai sAvarO
tApa samkada smaraNa aayo sOha mArO tumaharO
tadhim tadhim dhirana udanita dAni dhara tadhim tadhim dhiranA (2)
tha dhi thai thadanana thari thadana nadara tharadhim alari kalari 
thakida dhaam dhaam dha thakida dhaam dhaam dha thakida dhaam dhaam dha dhIm dhIm dhIm 
thani alari dhAm dhAm dhAm taka tani alari dhom dhom dhom
taka taka dani alari(geethadhu)

Padumanabha 01

Padumanabha 02

Padumanabha 03

Padumanabha 04

Padumanabha 05

Padumanabha 06

Padumanabha 07

Padumanabha 08

Padumanabha 09

Padumanabha 10 

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Bajapayal Full

Charanam 01

Tanu gave full

Charanam 02

Once you are familiar with the lead, please use this video to play along and make sure that your timing is right. You can also play along with the original video. You could slow it down to a speed you are comfortable with.

Padumanabha first part (playing in time)

Padumanabha last part (playing in time) 

The whole Charanam 02: httpvhd://