How to Rhythm & Chord on Guitar

DETAILED Indian Guitar Tutorials – Rhythm, Chord, Fingerstyle, Chord melody

Kadhal ROjave re-arranged

Rearranged chords, intricate chord melody – a fresh feel. Along with Rhythm and voice, offering a creative, dynamic and emotive musical experience.

Chiku Buku JAZZ chords?!

Monk style chords – Unexpected. High energy hit song from ARRahman rearranged with original chord progressions and rhythm adaptation. Enjoy!

Vaseegara Rhythm & Chords

Peaceful and present. Meticulous chord matching with the voice, rhythm underscores the melodic narrative, infusing depth and resonance.

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  • Rhythm not matching? 
  • Singing not matching with chord?
  • What’s the importance of down strokes?
  • How do chord notes match with the singing?

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Thendral Vanthu Theendum

Thendral Vanthu – Rhythm, vocal. Crafting a heartfelt rendition with a delicate balance of chord melody and rhythmic backing. 

En veetu Thottathil- Rh Guitar

Unique off beats mridangam rhythm adapted for the guitar+  singing can create a fascinating fusion. 

Elangathu | Chord Melody

Simple addition of chord notes and bass to the open string variation of the Ilayaraja song. With a fuller feeling, try this for beginner performances.

Oru rathri koodi - Chords

Rhythm Chords of a Sunset song. Intertwined rhythm, chords, voice –  for a serene, seemless connection.

Ondra Renda - Rhythm Chords

Strong dynamic rhythm performed on the guitar. Fluently fill in the melody, within the space.

Kathalikkum Pennin Kaikal

Song Chords. Guitar echoes tavil rhythms, forging a heartfelt melody connection, uniting voice, strings and percussion in a harmonious dance.

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