… as if the song is being sung by you on your guitar

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  • Transform your playing from somehow finding notes and hitting them, to conscious, fluent and efficient
  • Instead of limiting yourself to generic guitar methods, find your independence and freedom in your lifelong music journey
  • Grow by understanding the right techniques and methods that will teach you HOW to instead of just copying mindlessly what you are told to do, mechanically – escape that rut.
  • Learn once to connect Indian raga and Film song notes to the Standard tuned guitar, and be on the journey to find notes on the guitar on your own, UNSTUCK and confident.
  • Transform your guitar practising and playing by understanding the 3 basic phases and 2 main pillars of the process, from note finding and distribution, through phrasing and fingering logic to feedback based fluent playing.
  • Get in touch with me by replying to the emails you get from me as you tell me your email and name using the box above.

List of foundation videos

Here is a screenshot of the sample of videos to start the process.

Useful for beginners, since you will START on the right path without wasting time, energy, effort and money.

Been playing for some time? Intermediate guitarists can check if they are integrating all the best practices that can take their playing to the next level.

Afterall, to play in time and make music, is a matter of optimizing, being efficient. Being able to start play any song the way it is sung, needs you to know how to make use of the way the guitar is tuned, to use phrasing logic, fretboard distribution, fingering logic (we have 4 fingers, resources to be used as best as we can, racing against time 🙂 )

Tabs, Tutorial Videos etc… on one page

You will find Indian Raga and Film Song tutorials at my channel youtube.com/themusicianself. That way, the original creators get their share of copyright money, as mechanical license, directly from youtube – they are acknowledged, their share is given, the right way.

Within the subscriber area, I list the tutorials along with tabs so that you can use them without searching, all in one place. Time is of essence 🙂 Easy or not will determine your guitar practice success. (We do talk once in a while about habit formation and behavioural sciences.)

Here is an example screenshot:

First time? Find out if…

If you haven’t heard me play before, JUDGE for yourself if the way I play and teach suits your needs! 🙂 (You could be using nylon/steel strings, acoustic or electric guitar – my students use any of them. In this video I am using a Nylon string acoustic guitar – I find it to my liking – personal choice)

See you on the other side…

… be in touch with me. Let us connect and do something useful, make you a better player, change the way you approach music and practice…

[thrive_leads id=’8787′]