Puthu vellai mazhai song from A R Rahman’s Roja being played as solo on the guitar, the way it is sung.

If you haven’t already, get the foundation resources to guide your music learning and guitar practice to deeper progress.

Simple downstrokes chords were added to the solo to add to the context. You can find Raga Chords and Rhythm Guitar resources at Ragacourses.com

Finding chords for the song from the melody notes is explained in these two videos

A R Rahman Chords used in Puthu Vellai Mazhai (Yeh Haseen)

In the first video, we will go through the process of finding chords for Puthu Vellai Mazhai (yeh haseen) on our own, from the melody notes of the song.

The second video shows you the note to chord relationship that is the basis for finding chords for songs or ragas.

Swaras Notes, how to on Guitar (singers can use too)

Swaras for each move of the ARRahman song Puthu Vellai Mazhai has been written and shown on the guitar. The swaras have been written clearly with rules avoiding ambiguity, that will help you play them without doubt.

Click to see or download Swaras for each syllable of Lyrics (PDF).

In the PDF, the swaras have been written so that:

  1. any two swaras without a space in between be played with one hit and the remaining as slur (slide/hammer-on/pull-off). e.g. mp is a hit on ma, slide to pa. But m p is a hit each on ma and pa.
  2. Higher octave S, R, G are written in capital letters. Regular octave is srgmpdn. Lower octave is n’ d’ p’ etc written with swara and a ‘.

Substitute the swaras with the notes to play it on any of the 12 pitches.

Below video shows how they are played on the guitar.