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Kadhal Rojave/ Roja Janeman
Detailed Tabs, how to videos, chord finding instructions…

… all at one place. Share with your friends who like Indian music. If you like anything more than basic guitar note hitting, you will enjoy this page.

Kadhal Rojave (Roja Janeman) Detailed Guitar Notes

Play Kadhal Rojave, the A R Rahman song from Roja, with all the details, the way it is sung. Using slides, Hammer ons and pull offs to play Indian music on guitar.

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Below the video, the tabs are given. Western notation is included for piano or other players. More detailed embellishments are explained in the video. Contact me

Kadhal Rojave / Roja Janeman TABs detailed

Kadhal Rojave Chord Melody TABs, notation

Playing at the same time, the melody and chords of the song Kadhal Rojave / Roja Janeman. Using fingerstyle methods. 
See other chord melody examples

Part 2 of Kadhal rojave played as Indian chord melody.



Know what to practice and how:

Kadhal Rojave Chords | Simple

kadhal rojave simple chords


Kadhal rojave | HOw to find chords for Indian raga songs

Kadhal rojave beginner simple notes

kadhal rojave beginner tabs

Kadhal rojave Beginner reduced version

This is a further reduced version that can be used for initial practice. Naturally the melody is not accurate, but can be used before playing the above given beginner version or the full version

kadhal rojave beginner guitar tabs

Kadhal Rojave Swaras and Western Notes

Below are the swaras and notes with slides etc, for Kathal rojave from the movie Roja, done by ARRahman. Learn the moves to play or sing the song as in the original.

The swaras have been written so that,

  • each swara written with space in between have to be hit, while
  • swaras without space need to be played with a hit on the first swara of the group, sliding the others.

eg: mn2pm is a slide, with hit only on the first m. If the same swaras were written as “m n2 p m”, then we need to hit on each of them.

To translate swaras to notes, use this swara note grid. See the notes for Kadhal Rojave in C below. (Chords for the song based on phrases?)


Here are the notes for the song, in C pitch (done by Krishna Pavan). The notes are almost identical to the swaras, with a few moves more or less here and there. Please feel free to use both the swara and note versions.

The notes have also been written similar to the swaras: two notes together = slide.


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