It is not your fault if you have tried playing Indian songs on the guitar, but they don’t sound close to the way it is sung.

The process involves many steps including note collection, phrase arranging, delay reduction, keeping a feedback loop and reducing the error gap etc…

You WILL make progress, once you what exactly to correct, at a finger level, at a movement level. If you need to correct your notes, or how you can change your fingering to remove delay etc. Because, once the notes are right and delays are gone, you have the song as it is sung.

Unfortunately such resources are not easily available in the form of teachers or content online. And it can be overwhelming when you watch a finished recording and try to get that sound – you need to know how to chunk your practice into smaller doable progress making pieces.

Here I want to give you a FREE video explaining the sections and steps involved in transforming your skills from mere note playing to playing your favorite songs the way it was originally sung.

The video gives you a straightforward map of the path you need to follow if playing Indian raga or film songs fluently with life, is your goal.

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You can immediately put to use the information given in the video to improve your playing and practice, in a systematic, structured manner without time, money and energy  waste.

For example:

  • What steps do you need to complete before you can attempt playing the sentences?
  • What does remembering the first note of the next phrase have to do with delay reduction?
  • How can you adjust your picking hand and fretboard hand in a conscious manner to improve your speed and fluency?
  • What level of detail do you have to include in your practice?
  • How to arrange your practice to get the best out of precious practice time (we all have other important things to do)?