Choir in your laptop – The Phantom Ensemble

The slightly different pitching and timing combined with the different vocal quality of each singer gives us the rich dense texture of vocal ensembles, choirs. Using the layering and processing capability of our software sequencers, we will try to emulate

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How to record vocal guitar performances with sufficient control and quality

Some of us need to record  vocals and guitar performances to make good mixes. Here are a few things to consider. The guitarist who sings or the singer who plays the guitar while sings – a very common occurrence. Your

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Solo vocalist’s or karaoke artist’s guide to good vocal recording

What equipment do I need to start recording my vocals? Audio Technica AT2020USB Studio Condenser Microphone With the prices of recording equipment and electronics having come down, starting to record your vocals and making good quality mixes is possible for

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Performance and recording related tips to record your vocals well

Getting The Best Performance Vocalists tend to sing better, in pitch when they can hear their own voice mixed with a little reverb in the headphone mix. This reverb is not to be recorded, because we want the freedom to

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How to make good vocal recordings? Mic positioning

Changing the mic position when recording vocals will change the way the vocals sound and affect our productions. Change the distance of the mic from the mouth of the vocalist, the vertical and horizontal angle of singing with respect to

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Recording vocals – bitrate, signal level, sequencer, format

You may want to record vocals to do your own mix or to send it to someone else to arrange and do the final mix. Whatever the need, if you are recording vocals, here are a few details to make

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