How to play Chords for Indian Ragas and Scale – exact chords and the nearest triads

When it comes to playing chords there can be two approaches: play chords exactly based on the scale notes play approximated triad and seventh chords, which means you will be playing chord notes outside of the scale, while still making

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The fifth note and its circle

Knowing the fifth note of each note or at least some of them is useful when forming chords or chord progression. A bit of basics in this post. When C is the root G is the fifth. How? 1. We

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How to play chords for Indian ragas – songs and ragas based on the Major scale

You can play the chords for a large number of popular ragas or songs if you know the 'diatonic chords' of the major scale. Major scale and harmonic minor scale forms the basis of most popular songs. Knowing the 'safe

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Diatonic chords for the major scale – The ‘safe chords’ for a large number of songs

Triads from each note of the major scale Take the major scale:  C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C Build a triad starting from each note of the major scale taking two

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How to change the chords to suit your pitch – transposing basics

At times, the chord sheet of a song you get from the internet is not in a suitable pitch for you to sing comfortably. Learn the basics of transposing to change the chords to a pitch that suits you When

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A minor in relation – relative minor scales and chords

A minor is the relative minor of C major. The relative relation is applicable for both the scale and the chord. A minor chord is the relative minor chord of C major chord. A natural minor scale is the relative

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3 Advanced Chord and Chord Symbol usage – Jazz, Melodic minor, freedom and choice

Jazz and melodic minor All the chords we will look at in this article are taken from the melodic minor harmony. Modern jazz uses melodic minor and its chords a lot. This article introduces you to three melodic minor chords

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What is in a name – Chord naming and building series – Building from blocks

Too many chords? Confusing chord names?
Chord names are based on certain conventions, formed by adding more terms as needed, to a base.
Learn how to find the notes of a chord from its name or to name a chord based on its notes.

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What is in a name – chord naming – suspended chords

The 'sus' in C sus 2 or F sus 6 or D sus 4 is read as 'Suspended'. Major and minor chord  Major chord : root – major 3rd – fifth Minor chord : root – minor 3rd – fifth

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What is in a name – Chord naming – 6th chords

A simple method to understand and play any chords with freedom: The chord code Major 6th and Minor 6th chords Major 6th chord : Root – major 3rd – fifth – major 6th Minor 6th chord : Root – minor 3rd

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