How to make good vocal recordings – basic mixing and effects

Once we have recorded the vocals, we need to edit them and process them with effects. Do we need to apply effects during the recording stage? What are the effects that we need to make a good vocal production? This

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How to make good vocal recordings? Mic positioning

Changing the mic position when recording vocals will change the way the vocals sound and affect our productions. Change the distance of the mic from the mouth of the vocalist, the vertical and horizontal angle of singing with respect to

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How to make good vocal recordings? Vocal mics

Assuming we have a good vocalist and a good performance, how do we take care of the recording, processing and mixing to get professional vocal results? Studio quality mics and audio interfaces are available for affordable prices, which makes equipment

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Start recording your music – Choosing your audio interface – Part II

We will have a look at audio interfaces with effects included, audio interfaces with mixing desk or moving sliders included, audio quality considerations, balanced / unbalanced I/O, bits and sample rates, connection to the computer and the manufacturer characteristics. Along

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Start recording your music – Choosing your audio interface

Anyone who uses computer for professional music recording and production will need a good quality audio interface. Beyond the obvious question of available budget, the particular requirements of the user has to be considered while narrowing down the options to choose an audio interface suitable for you. Here we discuss about making the buying decision easier.

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How to use compression for better mixes?

Learn to use Compressors to make the sound of your vocals, non-keyboard instruments and the overall mix, better. If you find this article useful, you will find the Article on Effective Equalization + Compressor + Reverb useful too. What is a

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How to use equalizers?

An equalizer is one of the most powerful tools available to us to modify, restructure and design sound by adjusting frequency responses. The flat response If you find this article useful, you may find the Article on Effective Equalization +

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Speakers and mics – place, hold, stand – signal chain beginning and end

Placing the speakers is about getting the best of what is coming out of the sound card. Holding the mic is about getting the best into the sound card. Both matters.

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Series – Getting started making music – equipment and room

Subscribe and download full series Getting started – Equipment and Room Click for more info… Here are the full table of contents. Click to see. Page 1Page 2

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Home recording How to – Get started – Room and Computer

Sound proofing and acoustic treatment Let us start with the basic difference between the two terms – sound proofing and acoustic treatment : •    We use acoustic treatment to get rid of or minimize reflections and frequency reinforcements, making the

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