Come join us

We need basic players for all kind of musical instruments like Tabla, Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Veena and more. Please contact us if you are already been playing any kind of musical instrument and have an interest in guiding students through the process of learning . Knowing the basics and having an idea about the fundamentals of your instrument is the factor that helps you to arrange and make them presentable on your instrument. Sharing the information you already know helps you to be good at those as well as leads you to identify further possibilities. Let us know if you find happiness in helping people to learn an instrument to make them get results and reach their goal. Lets make the time fruitful and beneficial for all of us.

Methods to follow 

We already have a well developed goal oriented  structured framework as a path to follow through your teaching process. We do have a scorecard with checklists to follow that makes your teaching process much more comfortable as well as result generating.  Goal oriented teaching helps you to divide and build an idea of needed skills and subskills rather than any other mediocre practices. This helps you to make an idea in advance about the whole process  from beginning till goal also to analyze the progress and outcome during each step of the course.

How does it work ?

To know more details about the process from getting a student to your benefits and for any additional queries please contact us through Whatsapp : +49 163 222 8094


We need basic players for ;

VEENA and more.