Fees: €90,000
Duration: Approximately 360 Hours
Max: finish our work in 300 days | Best: Finish our work within 3 months

What you get:
My full attention. 1-1 calls, text-audio-video chat follow ups during the whole period.

Get your music out. Album, performance, arranging, thinking in chords, fluency… we will carefully decide what your goals are based on your ideas, skills, interests.
We will use everything that will work for you: Music, mind, meditation. Problem solving, project management. Proven learning, teaching and creating methods.

Why this offer? This offer started when I met people who would benefit and was capable of an offer like this. If you are one of them, you know.

How do we start?
Write to me. Answer the following questions.
I will get back to you in about 48 hours. If we are a good fit, we start with a €9000 payment. We will work together for about 30 – 36 hours within 10 days. Based on that we will decide if to continue. If yes, you pay the rest of the money. We decide the duration, how often to meet etc. We will decide what to work on, what results we are looking for. We will use clear project management, problem solving methods, real life practical creation methods. You come out the other side with what we decided as THE results you want.