A quick video answering the much asked question on which guitar to use,

is there an advantage using nylon string,

how about electric vs acoustic

which guitar so that you will force yourself to improve your skill.

Whatever guitar, keep focus on fingering and phrasing techniques, skill and ability improvement. Listen more about the different guitars and decide for yourself:

Already own a guitar, want to take the next step? Learn the basics that matter to our kind of playing: not discrete, but continuous. not generic but indian style. chords beyond rote memorization – smart and pattern based. smooth rhythms.

  • to get better results than the average, we need to use the methods used by the best.

Sample them using ragacourses.com first month access (the price may change soon – letting you know). Go through the different resources based on your skill and needs, without being forced to follow a fixed generic path. Have a look and let me know.