When learning from videos, it is often useful to be able to watch the moves slowly. VLC media player makes it very easy, in fact almost a part of the basic playback. See below how to use VLC media player to slow down videos when learn learning. 

  1. Download VLC Media player if you don't have it already installed. (Free, no frills.)
  2. Open the video using VLC media player. (Right click on video, click Open with, choose program.)

  3. vlc-media-player-slow-down-video-speed
    Once the video is open, in the right bottom corner, you will find the double arrow as shown in the picture. The speed of the video is shown on the right bottom corner. Since the speed has not been altered, it will be shown as x1.00

  4. Click on the double arrow once and you will notice the speed change shown as x0.67. One more click makes the value x0.5