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You will find information in the site belonging to the three main categories shown below.  You can always go to the categories by using the tabs on the top of the site. Click through the individual links or go to the listing of all the posts, by clicking on the category link.

Indian Classical on Guitar

Have a look at the musicianself youtube channel. You will find Carnatic based songs played on the guitar, showing the basic fingering, frets – strings and playing method (hammer ons, pull offs, slides).

Here is a list of Arohana Avarohana of Indian Ragas. It will be populated in time. 

Detailed instruction? Video lessons with detailed instruction that will help you start with and play complete Indian classical compositions on the guitar.

Indian Music and Western Harmony

If you are interested in understanding Indian ragas, especially with relation to western music, western theory and western harmony, you will find resources in the Indian Music section. Raga for Chords, using simple minor and major chords for any Raga by making appropriate changes… Below are a few articles to start with.

Playing the Guitar

Starting to play the guitar? Looking for making your playing better? Better methods to help you play guitar in a more efficient and satisfying manner? Below are a few articles to start with. Find more at Guitar that Matters section.

Making your music – Recording, Mixing, Sequencers, Effects 

More at the Making music section.