Useful music theory. Intervals, note sequence, major and minor scales from chromatic scale. Right click and save as

Three note chords

The triads – major, minor, augmented, diminished, relations between them, practical tips, suspended chords. Right click and save as.

Four note chords

Seventh chords

Introduction to Seventh Chords Right click and save as

Seventh chords in practice Right click and save as 

Diminished and half diminished Seventh chords Right click and save as

Sixth chords – the sixth interval Right click and save as

Flat fifth and sharp 4th chords – changing the basic chord name Right click and save as

Numbers above 7

9th-11th-13th Right click and save as

added 9th – 11th -13th Right click and save as 

Any extended chord name from the basic building blocks

Starting from basic sevenths, build 9th 11th 13th chords with its different minor and major variations. Then include b5, #5, b9, #9, #11 and other extensions as needed. Right click and save as 

Chords of the melodic minor scale

The chords of each mode of the melodic minor is used as example of finding exact chords for scales. By the time you finish this pdf, you will be a master at deciphering any sophisticated chord or chord symbol you will ever encounter.

Right click and save as 

Introduction to finding chords for songs, scales, ragas

The chords of major scale and minor scale – using it to find chords for melodies

Chords of Raga Mayamalavagowla – example of finding chords from scale notes only (pdf),, (mobi)

Minor and major chords for Mayamalavagowla + example using Padumanabha Geetam – basic lesson of Carnatic Indian Classical